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  Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Connection Guide
Please follow below steps:

1. plug the USB nano receiver into PC

Connect the mouse first:
2.Make sure the Mouse switch on "OFF" status
3. Hold on the left and mid button of mouse,
and turn the switch "ON" status of mouse, the LED light flash
The LED light will flash every 0.5 minute, it means the mouse is on connecting status
4. When the mouse stop flashing, it finish connecting.

Connect the keyboard by below steps:

5. Make sure the keyboard switch on "OFF" status

6. Hold the ESC +Q, and turn switch ON (on back of keyboard), the LED light will flash every 1 minute

7. When Keyboard LED light stop flash, it finish connecting

Please note that:
the mouse and keyboard , each set must be done the connection within 30 minutes.

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